Resmed Airsense 11 Autoset CPAP Machine


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Resmed Airsense 11 Autoset CPAP Machine Price in India

Price of Resmed Airsense 11 Autoset CPAP Machine in India is ₹84,500. The maximum retail price (MRP) set by the manufacturer is ₹110,000.00.

Technical details

Type Auto CPAP
Modes CPAP, Autoset, Autoset for her / him
Pressure Range 4-20cmH₂O
Sound level 24dB
Weight 1.1Kg
Dimensions 94.5 x 259.4 x 138.5mm
Company Headquaters California
Country of Manufacture Australia
Auto On/Off
Ramp Duration 0-45min.
Auto Ramp
Humidifier Heated
Heated Tube Compatibility
Climate control
Adaptive Humidification
Mask Fit
Leak Alert

Additional details

Altitude Compensation
Central Apnea Detection
Trigger & Cycle sensitivity
Ti Control
Rise Time
Ti(inspiration time)
Pressure Support
Back up rate
RERA Reporting
SpO2 Monitoring Compatibility
Waterless Humidification
SD card Yes
Cloud connectivity/Wifi Yes
QR code
Description Purpose
Start Therapy/ Standby button Press to start/stop therapy. The LED indicator is green during standby mode, and white during therapy, Test Drive, and Mask Fit functions.
Display touch screen Navigates between functions and displays information on the operating status of the device.
Humid Air 11 tub Water tub that provides heated humidification.
Device label Contains information relevant to the device.
Outlet connector Connects the air tubing
Power inlet Connects the power cord
Air inlet filter cover Contains the air filter
SD card cover Removable cover that protects the SD card slot. The LED indicator is blue when data is written to the SD card
Slim Line tubing Non-heated air tubing
Climate Line Air 11 tubing Heated air tubing


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