VibraPEP Oscillatory PEP Device for Breathing Therapy


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It helps to manage breathing disorders

Product Specifications and Features:

  • The removable mouthpiece allows for adaptation to ISO connections
  • The integrated handle is easy to grip and hold
  • The product operates without causing any noise
  • The filter adapter helps to protect from airborne pathogens

Directions For Use:

  • Use as directed on the label

Safety Information:

  • Store in a dry and hygienic place
  • Read the label before use
  • Keep out of reach of small children

Easy-to-Use, Multi-Function, Patient-Administered, OPEP Therapy

Not every patient has the same lung pathology, so why treat them with the same pep? VibraPEP® is a multi-function PEP device that any patient can use, in any position because it is not gravity-dependent.

The VibraPEP positions are used to fine-tune the therapy to the patient. Positions 1, 2, or 3 create CombinedPEP. These settings maintain an appropriate positive expiratory pressure that promotes collateral ventilation by stabilizing and enlarging the airway. Positions 4 and 5 create DyanmicPEP. These settings create erratic flow and pressure oscillations. Viscous mucus cannot follow these fast movements and is shed from the bronchial walls.

Designed with Simplicity in Mind
  • Simply Click and Breath
    • Simply Set the VibraPEP to the setting recommended by your doctor and start using immediately
  • Two PEP Therapies in One Device
    • The VibraPEP is unique in that it creates standard vibrations or more “dynamic” vibrations for various PEP needs. Plus, its unique design makes it simple to assemble, use and clean.
  • Easy-to-Clean, Dishwasher-Safe
    • You may clean your VibraPEP either by hand-washing, placing it in boiling water for 10 minutes or washing the parts in a basket on the top rack of your diswasher.  Let the parts dry overnight.

Different lung pathology requires a different treatment approach. So, why treat every lung the same? VibraPEP® is the only OscPEP device that lets you tailor the pressure and flow waveforms to meet a patient’s unique needs.


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