OxyKit Portable Oxygen Cylinder Kit 20 Ltr Aluminium – Alcan


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Brand Name: ALCANY Cylinders


OxyKit comes with Al-Can make Light Weight Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder with Bullnose Valve, Bullnose Regulator (0-15L Flow rate adjustable), Mask and Carry bag.

The Cylinder and Bullnose Valve are Approved by Government of India – PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Department). OxyKit Aluminium Cylinder is approx 30% Light Weight compared to Steel Cylinder. OxyKit is Portable and Easy to use. OxyKit Cylinder is Refillable which can be Refilled anywhere in India by through Gas Manufacturers or Gas Dealers.

OxyKit is ideal for : 1.Patients suffering from Respiratory Disorder (under Doctor’s guidance/prescription. 2. Senior Citizens for Well-Being. 3. Stress Reliving. 3. Yatra, Mountaineers, Trackers for Ease of Breathing at High Altitude. 4. Athletes and Sportsmen. 5. Refresh from daily Pollution.

  • Easy to Operate. Light in weight (45% lighter than Steel Cylinder).
  • Portable (Can be Easily Carried anywhere).
  • 2 Years Warranty
water Capacity Gas Capacity Diameter Working Pressure Test Pressure
Kit Weight (Approx.)
Duration (@ 2Ltr/Min) (Approx.)
20 L 3000 L 203 150 225 20 KG 25 hrs 


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