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Brand Name: ALCANY Cylinders

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•Kit Consists Of: a)Oxykit comes with Al-Can make Light Weight Aluminium Cylinder, Bullnose Valve, Bullnose Regulator, Valve Guard.

•Usage: a)Best use when there is deficiency of oxygen in body. b)Instant relief from short of breathe. c)Easy travel with Oxykit anywhere anytime. d)Easy nebulization with oxygen at home.

Warranty :  2 years

  • Easy to Operate. Light in weight (45% lighter than Steel Cylinder).
  • Portable (Can be Easily Carried anywhere).
Technical Details
Water Capacity Gas Capacity Diameter Working Pressure Test Pressure Kit Weight (Approx.) Duration (@ 2Ltr/Min) (Approx.)
13L 1810L 152 150 225 14.20 KG 15hrs 75min


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