OTICA Ever Flo Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Tube with Plastic Connector


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Brand: OTICA

About this item

  • Otica Oxygen Humidifier Adapter Tube for connecting oxygen concentrator to humidifier.
  • Humidifier bottle adapter has a swivel nut on one end that makes for an easy fit on the humidifier bottle. Screw the male thread grip into the oxygen inlet port located on top of the humidifier bottle.
  • Attach the Ribbed End of the humidifier connector tube to the concentrator’s oxygen outlet port.
  • Connect your oxygen concentrator tubing extension to the oxygen outlet port located on the bubble humidifier.
  • This oxygen tubing connector is 10 inches for patients who use a humidifier bottle with their home oxygen source. This humidifier adapter fits most O2 water bottles and oxygen concentrators.



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