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Resmed Aircurve 10 S BiPAP Machine


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Brand: Resmed

Features of ResMed AirCurve 10

  • Easy-Breathe: Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor makes for a quiet and peaceful sleep environment
  • Continuous leak management: Continuous leak management provides consistent pressure while maintaining synchrony between you and the machine
  • Easy to Use: Upright design takes up less space and the colour LCD screen is simple to use
  • BIPAP Modes – CPAP, S, ST, T
  • BiPAP Pressure Range – 3 cm H2o – 25 cm H2o
  • Backup Rate: BIPAP machine with a backup rate of 50bpm
  • Comfort Features: AirCurve 10 ST has Auto on/off, Mask fit, Ramp time and EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) that aids in a comfortable therapy.
  • Climate Control: The ResMed ST BiPAP machine incorporates an advanced Climate Control feature that ensures optimal temperature and humidity levels during therapy.
  • Storage: BiPAP AirCurve 10 ST includes a data card and an integrated wireless module; the wireless module enables users to send therapy data directly to their physician or healthcare provider via the internet.
  • Warranty : 2+1 Years

Technical details

Type Basic BIPAP
Modes CPAP, S
Pressure Range 3-25cmH₂O
Sound level 25dB
Weight 1.24Kg
Dimensions 116 x 255 x 150mm
Company Headquaters California
Country of Manufacture Australia
Auto On/Off
Ramp Duration 0-45min.
Auto Ramp
Ramp Down No
Humidifier Heated
Heated Tube Compatibility
Climate control
Adaptive Humidification
Mask Fit
Leak Alert

Additional details

Altitude Compensation
Central Apnea Detection
Trigger & Cycle sensitivity
Ti Control
Rise Time
Ti(inspiration time)
Pressure Support
Back up rate
RERA Reporting
SpO2 Monitoring Compatibility
Waterless Humidification
Leak management Yes
SD card
Cloud connectivity/Wifi Yes
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